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Search X. View information and images about thousands of objects from ancient Egypt in the Petrie Museum, University College London.

Images and information on ancient Egyptian antiquities from sixteen 16 museums in Europe and Egypt. The team presented their research recently at the Egyptian sex sites meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Honolulu.

In ancient Egypt, however, the new findings indicate that at Kellis conceptions increased by more than 20 percent above the site's siges average.

A summer baby-making boon in ancient Egypt may have been due to traditional beliefs regarding fertility and the Nile flood. She added that Egyptian sex sites annual flood of the Nile River was a pivotal event throughout Egyptian history.

These patterns of conceptions and Egyptian sex sites would Rapeing my sister likely continued back further into ancient times and occurred at other Egyptian sites as well, said Seex.

In fact, they appear to have also continued into relatively modern times.

While the summer was prime time for ancient Egyptian baby-making, the period around January seems to have been a low point, when conception fell to 20 percent below the site's annual average. The baby dip was likely Egyptian sex sites to the new religion, Egyptian sex sites, which in ancient times called for prohibitions on sex during certain periods, such as during Advent and Lent.


Ancient texts indicate that early Hard fast lesbian sex Christians were, ideally, supposed to avoid intercourse "on Saturday, on Sunday, on Wednesday, Egyptian sex sites on Friday, in the 40 days of Lent and before the other feasts at which they might take sfx Eucharist," writes Peter Brown, a professor of sties at Princeton Universityin his book "The Body and Society: Men, Women and Sexual Renunciation in Early Christianity" Columbia Egyptian sex sites Press, edition.

The people of Kellis may not have been as strict as these texts recommend, but conception Egyptian sex sites fall to a low point around January, a time close to both Advent and Lent, Williams pointed.

The patterns also suggest some form of ancient contraceptives were in aex. For instance, contraceptive recipes from the Kahun Medical Papyrus, dating back about 3, years, included crocodile dung and honey in their ingredients.

One fragment reads that for honey one was to Egyptian sex sites [it] over her womb, this to be done on natron bed," translation by Stephen Quirke. Williams said that the prospect of having to take dung filled medicine, and having sex with it in you, probably discouraged intercourse.